50 Ways to Generate Leads with Social Media

February 9, 2013

50 Ways to Generate Leads with Social Media

If part of your marketing plan involves generating leads, then social media should be part of that strategy. Social media can drive the type of web traffic from those that are actively seeking your information. They may even be ready to buy. Using social media monitoring, content creation, advertising, and networking, you will be a hero at your organization by bringing in leads like never before. Here are 50 ways to drive leads with social media, as part of our ebook, How to Generate Leads with Social Media.

Build a network of strong ties

In order to create leads, you need to have interaction, affection and time, which are all aided by social media. Here are some ways to create strong ties:

1. Follow prospects on Twitter
2. Friend new connections on Facebook
3. Conduct a Google Hangout with industry leaders
4. Host a webinar with registration
5. Answer questions on social channels
6. Use Help a Reporter Out to offer information
7. Share peer referrals
8. Reach out to prospects where they’re engaging
9. Expand pool of prospects
10. Share a Vine video

Influence connections for content sharing

Publishing and sharing content online is the single biggest lever to increase lead generation. Here are some content ideas:

11. Write ebooks and gate them with forms
12. Crowdsource content and credit your community
13. Find a Tweet that promotes your content and share it
14. Reshare existing content to breath new life into it and encourage clicks
15. Make your content visual for Pinterest pins
16. Blog about helpful information (not product)
17. Optimize site and blog for mobile viewers
18. Share relevant content with prospects
19. Make a compelling presentation on Slideshare
20. Ensure all your content links together to create as much inbound linking as possible

Utilizing Social Media Monitoring

Listening at the point of need can help you discover opportunities to help by offering information or expertise — without sales pressure — at the perfect time. This results in lead generation. Here’s how to monitor for lead opportunities.

21. Monitor for buying indication terms within your product category
22. Monitor for recommendation requests within your product category
23. Monitor for discussions of your product category
24. Monitor target prospect personas to confirm accuracy
25. Monitor questions and conversations about your product category
26. Discover topics for remarkable content
27. Discover competitive insights
28. Monitor for key phrases customers are using when seeking help
29. Spot and answer direct questions from prospects
30. Monitor industry trends

Use Social Ads to Generate Leads

Paid advertising on social media, such as sponsored Tweets on Twitter or promoted content on Facebook can help you generate leads. Here are 10 examples of how to do it.

31. Use a Facebook ad to drive traffic to your website
32. Use a promoted Tweet to drive traffic to your website
33. Link back to dedicated landing pages for conversion
34. Sponsor a form on another Facebook Page
35. Create an ad on LinkedIn linking to a lead generation form
36. Promote a strong call to action
37. Promote offers
38. Make ads visually appealing for Pinterest pins
39. Advertise on relevant forums
40. Organize ad distribution by target personas

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search can be a huge driver to your website and utilizing key phrases in your content, social channels and throughout your website can boost your SEO. That will enable prospects to easily find your site, hence aiding in lead capture. Here’s 10 ways to do it

41. Include key phrases in your Tweets
42. Link to your blog from Facebook
43. Ask followers to link to your website
44. Use keywords on your LinkedIn company page
45. Include keywords in your blog post headlines and body
46. Tag and name your images
47. Categorize and tag your blog with key phrases
48. Share ebooks using key phrases
49. Upload videos to YouTube (2nd largest search…


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