Breaking Into The Music Industry Through The Social Media

May 8, 2012


Written by 4LaH

BLOG: Breaking Into The Industry Through The Social Media

Breaking into the music industry has changed, and artistes no longer need to rely on getting record contracts before making a career out of their art. Technology has made everything so much easier. Electronic media distribution as well as social networking has taken over the industry in a big way. In this article, we will focus on how social media can help you break into the industry with ease.


MySpace used to be the social networking site of choice for most upcoming artistes. The once popular site has been attributed to launching the careers of Lily Allen and Soulja Boy, as well as boosting sales of already established artists. But, MySpace dropped 10 million unique visitors at the start of 2011, bringing users down to 63 million compared to Facebook’s 500 million users.

As an upcoming act, you need to be on Facebook and Twitter. It’s really important that you’re accessible because you need to be closer to your fans and interact with them. These days, you can’t afford to ignore your fans. Every facebook friend or twitter follower is a potential fan.

You should also know that beyond facebook and twitter, special music sites like ReverbNation or Bandcamp, is also a great way to promote and share your music electronically.


There are several applications on facebook that you can use to build a special Band Page where artists can upload not only information, but also add tracks (with the option for fans to listen, download and buy) The app lets you pull in your Twitter feed, as well as YouTube videos, making it the easiest way for your fans to get what they need in one place. Using Facebook means that your fans can also share your content with friends, spreading word of mouth about you, and helping to increase your chance of breaking into the music industry.


You should get into the habit of uploading your songs and engaging your fans. ask for feedback, discuss inspiration behind the song, answer questions and be ready to engage in conversations with your fans.

"Social networks are a huge platform for artistes these days , especially if you are unsigned and doing everything yourself."

You also need to keep it in mind that Social media rapidly changes and your tactics one month may be completely wrong three months down the line. So you need to be constantly updated about what is going on in the industry and be aware of the necessary changes. keeping an eye on both the music scene and the social media scene means you’ll be well placed to succeed.

According to Claire Field, here are ten top tips on how to break into the music industry using social media:

1. Research what sites you want to use based on your music style, fan base and goals. See a solid run down of available sites here.

2. Create your Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel and, if you see fit, a MySpace page – whatever sites you think will be most engaging with your fans.

3. Devise a strategy for your social media presence and stick to it. You may be on tour playing gigs, but with smartphones there’s no excuse for not interacting with your fans.

4. Write blog posts, upload videos and share exclusive content with those fans who like your page. These are great ways to keep fans engaged and interested in your music.

5. Keep an eye out for competitions that will gain you exposure and therefore more fans.

6. Fans also like competitions – run competitions of your own offering out signed photos or CDs.

7. Don’t become too big for your boots – so you’ve got some fans and things are going well, but that doesn’t mean you can stop posting and engaging. Content is key. Sure, you’re not expected to release a new song every day, but sharing an anecdote or link you like will stop your fans from unfollowing you.

8. It’s not just sharing, you also need to interact. It may not be possible to reply to every fan, but replying to some is better than none, as is posting out general shout-outs to all of your fans.

9. Build up ties with other emerging artists. Recommending someone else’s music won’t lose your fans – it can only gain you both fans if other bands recommend you. Make the most of networking!

10. When you do make it, it doesn’t mean you can stop using social media. Remember, nothing positive will come out of ignoring your fans, whether you have ten fans or ten million.

REFERENCES:, articles by Claire Feild


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